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Mediated Memory-scapes: Sites, Sounds, Transnational Refractions

10 May 2016, 16h, Guest Lecture, IRTG Diversity Visiting Professor Sharon Carson, U of Trier, A 6
"Mediated Memory-scapes: Sites, Sounds, Transnational Refractions“ will be a working session aimed at generating dialogue and critique related to some key analytical categories related to the IRTG Diversity: specifically, we will start by analyzing the construction and mediation of "historical memory" via performative rhetorics in historical sites and new media. We will take a look at the Ft. Laramie historic site in Wyoming, USA, as well as some recent audio and video new media projects. We will also critique techniques of "distancing" and "juxtapostion" as methods for transnational scholarly work and also as techniques for public humanities projects.
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