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Contextualizing Diversity. The Blind Spots in Canada’s Official Discourses on Language and Culture 2007-2017

A guest lecture by Gillian Lane-Mercier, December 5 (Spring Lecture Series Addendum)
When and Where:
Tuesday, December 5

10–11 AM
Université de Montréal,
Carrefour des arts et des sciences, C-2059
4-5 PM
Universität Trier, B 515

Gillian Lane-Mercier, PhD, McGill University

Gillian Lane-Mercier is a professor in the Département de langue et littérature françaises at McGill University. Her research interests include: literary theory, discourse analysis, translation studies, the sociology of translation, the history of literary translation in Canada, English-language writing in Québec, and Canada’s official language and cultural policies. Author of La parole romanesque and co-author of Faulkner: une expérience de retraduction, she has published numerous articles on her areas of expertise in European and North American journals. She has also edited or coedited several books and thematic issues of scientific journals, the most recent of which are Plurilinguisme et pluriculturalisme. Des modèles officiels dans le monde, published in 2016 by les Presses de l’Université de Montréal, and Minority Languages, National Languages, and Official Language Policies, forthcoming from McGill-Queen’s University Press.

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