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Empowering Contemporary Fiction

International Conference: June 21-23, 2017
Trier University
The concept of empowerment as the capacity to achieve autonomy and lead a self-determined life has not only found its way into company culture, education and positive psychology, but also enriches literary and gender studies. Here it is particularly relevant to feminist, queer and postcolonial discourses, ecocriticism and material culture. It is closely linked to notions of power, authority and independence, and attracts attention from a variety of critical perspectives.
This conference investigates the relationship between empowerment and contemporary fiction. We want to discuss both how fiction in its many shapes matters today and how contemporary narratives can be agents of empowerment on different levels, such as characters, themes, structure, text, authors and readers. Join us!

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"Empowering Conteporary Fiction Porgram"
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