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Guest Lectures - Guillermo Verdecchia

10 July 2014, Trier // 11 July 2014, Saarbrücken
Guillermo Verdecchia in Saarbrücken, 11 July Guillermo Verdecchia in Saarbrücken, 11 July
  • Guillermo Verdecchia in Trier, 10 July
Guillermo Verdecchia (Playwright, Actor, Director, Translator from Toronto, Canada) will be talking about "Canadian Diversity and Its Discontents" in Trier, 10 July (8h, HS3), and in Saarbrücken, 11 July (16.15h, VHS, Schlossplatz, Raum 23). Guillermo Verdecchia was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, before coming to Canada with his family at the age of two. As a Latin American immigrant to North America, Verdecchia soon came to learn that there can be quite a gap, quite a rift, between Canada's official policy of multiculturalism and its practical outcome. His experience has turned him into a man of multiple theatrical-political activities, and Verdecchia's talk promises to be a rare combination of politically relevant academic reflections and theatrical performance. For more information on Verdecchia, you can go to his web pages at http://www.guillermoverdecchia.ca/