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IRTG Diversity Summer School 2016

25 - 31 August 2016, European Academy, Otzenhausen, Germany
S. Seibel and L. Jung at the IRTG's Summer School S. Seibel and L. Jung at the IRTG's Summer School
  • Marc-Antoine Frébutte presenting his PhD project
One of the main elements of the IRTG Diversity's qualification program is the facilitation of regular exchanges between our doctoral candidates and the IRTG Diversity's participating researchers and postdocs, in smaller groups, or with the whole group of doctoral researchers during our summer and winter schools.

At the end of August, our PhD students from both sides of the Atlantic and many IRTG faculty members and postdocs came together at the European Academy in Otzenhausen for one week of presentations and discussions. This was the IRTG Diversity's first summer school with our second cohort of PhD researchers, and we are thankful for many intriguing exchanges that make us very much look forward to working with our second cohort during the next 2.5 years.
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