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All the King’s Men and the Politics of Dirt

22 June 2016, 16h, Lecture, Saarland U, Geb. B 3 1, Hörsaal, Prof. Dr. Paul Morris (U de St. Boniface)
Politics, as we repeatedly hear, is a dirty business. This is perhaps particularly so in the United States, a political context where the stakes (above all financial) are high and where an ever present element of populism ensures that for all the lustre of the democratic ideal the political process retains – for better or worse – the dirt tones of profanity and baseness. This presentation will discuss the politics of dirt in Robert Penn Warren’s classic novel of American politics, All the King’s Men, while hazarding a series of comments on the present American primary season and the run-up to the 2016 general election.

This talk is part of Astrid Fellner's lecture "Representing 'the' American People". Guests are welcome!
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