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Research in Canadian Museums

Christoph Laugs at the RSM Christoph Laugs at the RSM
Christoph Laugs, one of the IRTG Diversity’s young researchers, spent parts of the winter in Canada, and was, among other things, studying moccasins and sashes that are collected in Canadian museums. In early November he was at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum where this picture was taken.
As the Royal Saskatchewan Museum says: “Christoph is researching the Metis use of First Nation and European material culture and how Metis people gradually developed their own distinct material culture. Objects in our collection are helping us understand how and why this happened, and how quickly cultures can adapt and change.”

Here’s the link to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum’s related facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/Royal.Saskatchewan.Museum/posts/1019132404779652

For more information about the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, see: http://www.royalsaskmuseum.ca/