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Government Visit to the University of Trier

15 June 2015, University of Trier
  • The IRTG's Rahab Njeri with Malu Dreyer
  • The IRTG's Sophie Schram with Malu Dreyer
On Monday, June 15, 2015, Malu Dreyer, Rhineland-Palatinate's head of government, was at the University of Trier for a visit during which the university highlighted its international initiatives, international partners, international research groups, and international students. The IRTG Diversity was one of the projects that were presented to Dreyer, with Ursula Lehmkuhl, Rahab Njeri, Sophie Schram, Lutz Schowalter and Anna Weinand introducing her to the international research group's qualification programme, to its research questions and methods, and to current PhD projects.

For a report of the event by the University of Trier and for more pictures, see https://goo.gl/nqAZAb

(Photo copyright for this page: Universität Trier, Abteilung II / Universität Trier, Pressestelle)
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