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Agentivité queer Une conceptualisation transdisciplinaire de féminités queer dans le film et le militantisme à Montréal et à Berlin

Könighausen & Neumann has published IRTG Diversity-Alumni Charlotte Kaiser's dissertation
In Queer Agency: A Transdisciplinary Conceptualization of Queer Femininities in Film and Activism in Montréal and Berlin, Charlotte Kaiser conducts a qualitative case study of queer women's self-perceptions and anti-normative practices in Quebec and Germany. She proposes to explore the phenomenon of queer agency, that is, the unpredictable effects that emerge from the complex relationship between normative structure and resistant identities, through three perspectives: fictional feature films, docu-fictional web series produced in the community, and expert interviews with queer activists. Queer agency refers to a form of queer women's ongoing disidentification with various social norms, primarily gender and sexual identity, but also social class. Queer agency has a circular structure consisting of four main moments: anti-normative self-perception, contact with the normative environment, tensions and conflicts, and strategies to exist or even act. Based on the different narrative forms of queer identities and agency analyzed, it becomes clear that the conceptualization of queer agency proposed here combines emotional and identificational components as well as community and politicization dimensions.

For more information, see: https://verlag.koenigshausen-neumann.de/product/9783826079474-agentivite-queer/
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