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Geneviève Robichaud

Geneviève Robichaud


The Innovative Edge of a Mutational Poetics of Translation

(Supervisor: Lianne Moyes, Montréal)

My dissertation explores the queering of translation methodologies as well as theoretical issues related to the concept of translation as a mode of touching, intersecting and conjoining several – sometimes disparate – threads together. With a corpus that includes texts by Erín Moure and her translations of Chus Pato, Angela Carr, Gail Scott, Fernando Pessoa and the Montreal performance collective PME-ART, my research contemplates the ways in which these works use translation as a dispositif – a mechanism or apparatus for theory-driven writing: a “writing-and-thinking-on-the-move” that perturbs and works at/on the (so-called) limits of genres, languages, and literatures by opening texts to new interlocutors and performances. My methodology draws on the history of Canadian feminist translations whose language-focused experiments, especially since the 1980s, were rooted in subversive forms of writing that destabilized translation norms. In my dissertation, I not only examine the ways in which translation transforms our ideas about language, literature and writing, but how it might also work to signal or alter one’s presence in the world. My method or path of inquiry also returns to the influence and legacy of German Romanticism on twentieth and twenty-first century translation theory, particularly its impact on the work of Walter Benjamin and (later) Antoine Berman who found much to be inspired by in the writings of Friedrich Schleiermacher as well as Friedrich Hölderlin. My research distinguishes itself from the significant cluster of existing critical material on translation in the very rhythms of the writing, which undergoes a technical mutation by enmeshing what Avital Ronell terms the “speculative inventiveness” and “poetic probes” of creative writing with the differently systematized traditions of academic writing. In the sense of models, I am very grateful to the writings of Nathanaël, Avital Ronell and Hélène Cixous.


M.A. Creative Writing and English Literature, Concordia University (Supervisor: Dr. Louis Patrick Leroux)
B.A. (Hons.) Creative Writing and English Literature, Concordia University

Work Experience

Since 2013
Research Assistant to Dr. Jane Malcolm, Département de littératures et de langues du monde, Université de Montréal
2013 - 2015
Assistant and Reviews Editor of the feminist and internationally acclaimed literary magazine Lemon Hound
My Paris. Marathon Reading Organizer and MC, co-organized with Jessica MacEachern, sponsored by Lemon Hound, Concordia University and Université de Montréal, 16 October 2014
An Evening with Nicole Brossard, Gail Scott, Rachel Levitsky and Lisa Robertson. Literary Reading, co-organized with Lemon Hound, sponsored by Writers Read at Concordia and Université de Montréal, 16 October 2014

Awards and Fellowships

2013 - 2016
SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate, Scholarship – “When One Language Licks Another: Experimental Translations and the Poetics of Touch”, Université de Montréal
2012 - 2013
FQRSC – “The Bilingual Text: Self-Translation Practices or Linguistic Transfers”, Concordia University
2011 - 2012
SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship – “Dialogues Between L’Auteure, L’Autre et Elle”, Concordia University


(forthcoming) “Letters On The Move: Erín Moure and Chus Pato’s Secession/Insecession and Nathanaël (Nathalie Stephens)’s Absence Where As (Claude Cahun and the Unopened Book)”, in Myriam Suchet (ed.), Traduire/ Translating: Intermédialités, 27.
(forthcoming) “In the altitudes of elation ‘we look up and hold the folds of language inside us without any word for wind: at the start of the light we ask, what is Secession/Insecession?” Canada and Beyond: A Journal of Canadian and Literary and Cultural Studies 6.
(forthcoming) “Hospitality Matters: An Interview with PME-ART”, in: Nicole Nolette/Art Babayants (eds.), Defying Stage Monolingualism:
 Bi- and Multilingual Theatre Practices in Canada, TRIC (Theatre Research in Canada).
“An Interview with Daphné B. and Marie Darsigny”, in: Klara du Plessis (ed.), Writing in English from a Multilingual Perspective: The Town Crier [http://towncrier.puritan-magazine.com/interview/daphne-b/]
Exit Text (Toronto: Anstruther Press). [Chap Book]
“Ruminations on Self-Translation in Two Movements: a Dialogue and an Essay”, Capilano Review June, 99-105.
“Nightwood’s Unspeakable Losses: The Failure of Translation”, Albeit Journal Summer.[http://albeitjournal.com/nightwoods-unspeakable-losses-the-failure-of-translationgenevieve-robichaud/].
“Interview with Robert Fitterman and Kim Rosenfield”, Matrix 93, 19-24.
“Dialogue Between Adieu / Dialogue entre adieux”, Matrix 90, 26-27.

Conference Presentations

Mar. 2018
Quand la traduction sillonne la poésie: le cortège de l’entre deux dans The Obituary de Gail Scott
Conference: Repenser la Traductologie par La Recherche-Création: Journée d’études, Université du Québec en Outaouais, 21/03/2018.
Sep. 2017
The Call of Translation: Mediating Linguistic and Cultural Diversity Within Canada (with Julia C. Kersting)
IRTG Diversity International Conference, Canada 150: Grappling with Diversity since 1867, Université de Montréal, 15/09-16/09/2017.
Oct. 2016
Thinking Together: Pato and Moure's Secession/Insecession
Conference: Speaking her Mind, Calgary, Canada, 20-22/10/2016.
May 2016
The Poetics of Friendship in Secession/Insecession
Humanities Congress, Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English (ACCUTE), University of Calgary, Canada, 28-31/05/2016.
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