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George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-four as a Translation Manual

IRTG Gastvortrag, 03. Juli 2019, 12:00 Uhr, Universität Trier, Raum E 45
Das IRTG lädt herzlich zum Gastvortrag von Kyle Conway ein!

Translational Invention, Inventive Translation, or, What Can Aristotle Teach Us about Russian Performance Act?

IRTG Gastvortrag, 04. Juli 2019, 14:00 Uhr, Universität Trier, Raum A 142
Das IRTG lädt herzlich zum Gastvortrag von Kyle Conway ein!

The IRTG Welcomes Kyle Conway

IRTG Visting Scholar in July 2019
Kyle Conway is Associate Professor of Communication at the University of Ottawa, Canada. In his research, he examines different borders—linguistic, cultural, geographic, religious—and the tolls they exact when we cross them. Much of his work focuses on translation in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. His most recent book asks how the CBC’s Little Mosque on the Prairie translated Muslims for non-Muslim ...

The IRTG Diversity welcomes Prof. Lynn Mie Itagaki as Visiting Scholar

Visiting Scholar in May and June
Lynn Mie Itagaki is Associate Professor of English and Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Missouri, Columbia, USA. Her research focuses on interracial ethics, comparative race studies, women of color feminism and twentieth- and twenty-first-century U.S. literature by writers of color. She recently published a book that examines the post–civil rights era in terms of the 1992 Los Angeles ...

Trilingual International Summer School La Ville/The City/Die Stadt

September 7th - 14th 2019, Montréal
CALL FOR PAPERS In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the reconciliation of the capital city of Germany, the CCEAE and IRTG-Diversity will be hosting the International Summer School on The City, with the contribution of the DAAD and the funds from the German Federal Foreign Office (AA). This international and trilingual Summer school, entitled La Ville/The ...

Translating Diversity

IRTG Diversity Publication Series: New Essay Collection
Translating Diversity, the fourth volume in the IRTG Diversity's publication series, invites the reader to participate in a discussion about how to conceptualize the mediation of difference in localities of diversity and transcultural spaces via the analytical lenses of ‘translation’ as a social practice. The contributions to the volume explore, discuss, and theorize ‘translation’ as a pre-institutionalized ...

IRTG Diversity SSHRC funding continued

The Midterm Review of our International Research Training Group by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council has been completed and SSHRC will continue its funding through the remaining years of the project. Our IRTG exceeds expectations based on the initial goals of the project and SSHRC's evaluation criteria in the majority of evaluation categories! For more information on the IRTG Diversity: ...

IRTG Diversity wird weiter durch die DFG gefördert

Kulturelle Vielfalt in europäischen und nordamerikanischen Gesellschaften ist Thema des deutsch-kanadischen Graduiertenkollegs „Diversität“, das seit 2013 von der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) finanziert wird. Mit ihrem Antrag auf Verlängerung des Programms waren nun Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaftler der Universität Trier, der Universität des Saarlandes und der Université de Montréal (Québec) ...

Révolutions tranquilles… ou sans lendemains ? Le Québec entre progressisme et paralysie

Conférence de Laurence McFalls à l'Université de Brême maintenant en ligne
Le 16 mai 2018, Laurence McFalls (Département de science politique, Université de Montréal) a donné la conférence Révolutions tranquilles… ou sans lendemains ? Le Québec entre progressisme et paralysie dans le cadre d'une Journée d'études canadiennes et québécoises à l'Université de Brême en Allemagne. Résumé : Depuis la défaite des Patriotes en 1837-38, le Québec a connu plusieurs moments d’élan ...

Of 'Contact Zones' and 'Liminal Spaces'. Mapping the Everyday Life of Cultural Translation

Nouvelle série de publications
Depuis l’établissement de l’IRTG Diversity en avril 2013, ses membres ont activement collaborés et contribués à la recherche sur la diversité culturelle et sociale au Canada, au Québec et en Europe. Afin de documenter cette contribution et poursuivre nos échanges avec un public académique plus large, nous introduisons une nouvelle série de publications intitulée “Diversity – Diversité – Diversität”. À ...

Rencontrez-nous : le clip vidéo de l'IRTG

If we were to describe the IRTG Diversity in one word, which word would it be? And what makes the IRTG Diversity special? Find out in our introductory video, produced in the summer of 2015. To learn more about the IRTG Diversity in general, see "About the IRTG" and "Research Program" on the left-hand side. To get in touch with us, go to http://irtg-diversity.com/index.php?page=contact (Film: ...
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