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IRTG Doctoral Candidate Giti Hatef-Rossa appointed member of Grimme-Award-Jury

Since 2012 Doctoral Researcher Giti Hatef-Rossa has been a permanent member of the commissioning juries of the Grimme-Award in the "Fiction" category. For the 56th Grimme-Award 2020 she is now part of the jury in the category "Children & Youth". The IRTG Diversity wholeheartedly congratulates her to this appointment. https://www.grimme-preis.de/56-grimme-preis-2020/jury/

The IRTG Welcomes Ewa Macura-Nnamdi

IRTG Visiting Scholar in January 2020
Ewa Macura-Nnamdi is assistant professor at the Institute of Literary Studies (University of Silesia, Poland). She holds a doctorate in English literature (New Woman fiction of the late-Victorian period). Currently, her main research interests include postcolonial Anglophone literatures of Africa and African diaspora, postcolonial theories as well as refugees and migration in cinema and literature. ...

Fictions of Water: Refugees and the Sea

Guest Lecture: Feb 4, 2020, 6 PM
Saarland University, Building A5 3, Lecture Hall 2.03
Prof. Ewa Macura Nnamdi (University of Silesia) will join the IRTG Diversity in Saarbrücken in January and February 2020. She will give a lecture on "Fictions of Water: Refugees and the Sea". This talk is about her current project tentatively titled Fictions of Water: Refugees and the Sea which aims to examine the aesthetic and political dimensions and effects of the relationship between refugees ...

150 Years of Canada

IRTG Diversity Publication Series: New Essay Collection
On July 1, 2017, Canada celebrated the 150th anniversary of Confederation. The nation-wide festivities prompted ambiguous reactions and contradictory responses since they officially proclaimed to celebrate “what it means to be Canadian.” Drawing on the analytical perspectives of Diversity Studies, this fifth volume of the “Diversity / Diversité / Diversität” series explores the repercussions of “Canada ...

IRTG Workshop: “Intersectionality and Interdisciplinarity – Challenges, Perspectives, Chances”

February 6 and 7, 2020 at Trier University
Organized by: Charlotte Kaiser, Thomas Schira and Diana Thiesen
This workshop aims to explore the diverse paths intersectionality has been taking in activist movements, critical academia, and empowerment pedagogy. The workshop is open to the public and particularly welcomes graduate students from social sciences and humanities. The workshops wants to familiarize students with historical as well as contemporary negotiations and contestations of the concept of intersectionality. ...

Still Lives: Jewish Photography in Nazi Germany

A guest lecture by Ofer Ashkenazi (Department of History, Hebrew University) on February 7
When On Friday, February 7 from 1 pm to 3 pm Where At salle Lothar-Baier, Centre canadien d'études allemandes et européennes 5th floor Pavillon 3744, rue Jean-Brillant Abstract The talk considers photographs taken by non-professional Jewish photographers under the National Socialist regime. By the early 1930s, most German-Jewish families had used pocket-sized cameras to document their experiences, ...

Reading to Decolonize

From January 16th to February 20th at École Nationale de Théâtre
Richard Cassidy (post-doctoral fellow, IRTG Diversity/UdeM) and co-founder Jocelyn Parr (Dawson College) are eager to invite participants to the 6th Reading to Decolonize session over the next 5 consecutive Thursdays, starting on January 16th, (6:30 to 8:30 pm) at École Nationale de Théâtre 5030, rue St-Denis (Métro Laurier, buses 27, 30, 51). For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/721420168266886/ Reading ...

IRTG Workshop: "Angewandte Diskursanalyse. Theoretische Grundlagen und aktuelle Herausforderungen"

18.-19. Februar 2020, Universität des Saarlandes
Organisiert von Charlotte Kaiser und Viktoria Lühr
Der zweitägige Workshop hat zum Ziel, Doktorand*innen und fortgeschrittenen Masterstudierenden in Vorträgen und angeleiteten Übungen die Methodik der Diskursanalyse näher zu bringen. Als Gäste werden Margarete Jäger, Reiner Keller, Laurence McFalls und Vivien Sommer Foucaults Diskursbegriff, die kritische und die wissenssoziologische Diskursanalyse sowie die Analyse von Online-Diskursen vorstellen ...

Translating Diversity

IRTG Diversity Publication Series: New Essay Collection
Translating Diversity, the fourth volume in the IRTG Diversity's publication series, invites the reader to participate in a discussion about how to conceptualize the mediation of difference in localities of diversity and transcultural spaces via the analytical lenses of ‘translation’ as a social practice. The contributions to the volume explore, discuss, and theorize ‘translation’ as a pre-institutionalized ...

IRTG Diversity SSHRC funding continued

The Midterm Review of our International Research Training Group by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council has been completed and SSHRC will continue its funding through the remaining years of the project. Our IRTG exceeds expectations based on the initial goals of the project and SSHRC's evaluation criteria in the majority of evaluation categories! For more information on the IRTG Diversity: ...

Révolutions tranquilles… ou sans lendemains ? Le Québec entre progressisme et paralysie

Conférence de Laurence McFalls à l'Université de Brême maintenant en ligne
Le 16 mai 2018, Laurence McFalls (Département de science politique, Université de Montréal) a donné la conférence Révolutions tranquilles… ou sans lendemains ? Le Québec entre progressisme et paralysie dans le cadre d'une Journée d'études canadiennes et québécoises à l'Université de Brême en Allemagne. Résumé : Depuis la défaite des Patriotes en 1837-38, le Québec a connu plusieurs moments d’élan ...

IRTG Diversity wird weiter durch die DFG gefördert

Kulturelle Vielfalt in europäischen und nordamerikanischen Gesellschaften ist Thema des deutsch-kanadischen Graduiertenkollegs „Diversität“, das seit 2013 von der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) finanziert wird. Mit ihrem Antrag auf Verlängerung des Programms waren nun Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaftler der Universität Trier, der Universität des Saarlandes und der Université de Montréal (Québec) ...

Of 'Contact Zones' and 'Liminal Spaces'. Mapping the Everyday Life of Cultural Translation

Nouvelle série de publications
Depuis l’établissement de l’IRTG Diversity en avril 2013, ses membres ont activement collaborés et contribués à la recherche sur la diversité culturelle et sociale au Canada, au Québec et en Europe. Afin de documenter cette contribution et poursuivre nos échanges avec un public académique plus large, nous introduisons une nouvelle série de publications intitulée “Diversity – Diversité – Diversität”. À ...

Rencontrez-nous : le clip vidéo de l'IRTG

If we were to describe the IRTG Diversity in one word, which word would it be? And what makes the IRTG Diversity special? Find out in our introductory video, produced in the summer of 2015. To learn more about the IRTG Diversity in general, see "About the IRTG" and "Research Program" on the left-hand side. To get in touch with us, go to http://irtg-diversity.com/index.php?page=contact (Film: ...
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