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Calendar of Events

Upcoming IRTG Diversity Events, Seminars, Conferences:

14-17/18 September 2017, MTL
IRTG Mid-Term International Conference, "150 Years of Canada: Grappling with Diversity since 1867 - Canada: Aux Prises avec la diversité depuis 1867 - 150 Jahre Kanada: Aushandlungen von Diversität seit 1867"

2-3 October 2017, MTL
International Conference (Celebrating 20 Years of the CCEAE), “Democracy and the Art of Decency”

5 December 2017, MTL/TR
Transatlantic Videoconference and Guestlecture "Contextualizing Diversity. The Blind Spots in Canada’s Official Discourses on Language and Culture 2007-2017" (Prof. Gillian Lane-Mercier, Département de langue et littérature françaises, McGill)

24 January 2018, TR
Film screening "Hidden Figures" in cooperation with RTG ALOP

16-18 February 2018, Grainau
GKS Annual Conference, "GeschichteN – HiStories – HistoireS"

May 2018
Meetings of PhD researchers with their mentoring teams, in-depth discussion of progress of dissertations and of workplan

May 2018 (tbd)
Reports on Progress of 2nd Cohort Dissertations to be sent to the IRTG's speakers

Late May 2018
Trans-Atlantic Faculty Meetings, state of PhD candidates' research and organization of Dissertation Workshop taking place in October 2018

20-27 October 2018, TR (tbc)
Dissertation Workshop
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